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Student Development Activities

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is being offered to students of SFIMAR to learn how to better understand and appreciate the differences in individual. This Training specifically addresses concerns such as gender sensitivity, multicultural sensitivity, and sensitivity toward those who are disabled in some way. The goal in this type of training is more oriented toward growth on an individual level.

Peer-To-Peer Teaching Style

SFIMAR encourages Peer-to-Peer Tutoring style that involves students teaching other students, A peer tutor boosts the classroom learning by stating examples that relate to other peer students; Having a tutor who is on same age level as them also helps to bridge the learning gaps.

Mindfulness Centre

The Centre works at the intersection of neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology. This training cultivates greater self-acceptance, sharpness of mind and a sustained inner ability to counter stress. By changing the way of thinking and feeling about challenging situations new solutions and opportunities can be arrived at. Regular workshops and sessions by expert speakers are arranged at the Institute for all Faculty, staff, and students.

Thought Leadership Programme

The idea of ‘Thought Leadership’ programme introduced by the Institute is to enhance the student’s knowledge of current thought-provoking topics, ideas generation, and their deliberation on the subject matter, communication skills. The programme underlines directional guidance to the students to prepare them for answering questions in placement interviews on recent topics and trends in their area of their specialization.

Lead By Example

The ‘Lead by Example’ programme picks up small cohorts of students in various niche areas, based on their aptitude and attitude. These students are provided specialized advanced training in those niche areas to excel and lead other students. Faculty members and the Placement Department are extensively involved in conducting mock interviews and group discussions for all the students. Corporate recruiters have been brought in to train the students in these two aspects.

Stress Management & Physical Fitness

SFIMAR ensures that its students are fit enough to fight the challenges they face. Students are provided enough opportunities to bulid on their physical fitness and embark on the healthier path. Aerobics, Yoga & Meditation are also dedicatedly followed in campus. Also Stress Managements sessions by the Brahmakumaris are conducted regularly at SFIMAR.