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CMSF Society

Founder of CMSF

Bro. Paulus Moritz founder of cmsf

St. Francis Group of Institutions are run by the Franciscan Missionary Brothers, an International Congregation headquartered at Borivali (West), Mumbai. Rev. Bro. Paulus Moritz has founded the Congregation of the missionary brothers of St. Francis of Assisi in the year 1901 with the vision of reaching out to the poor and the less privileged.

St. Francis Group of Institutions in Mumbai are a chain of Catholic Minority Educational Institutions located in the western suburb of India’s Financial Capital Mumbai. St. Francis Group of Institutions have today become a pride of Mumbai and India’s most sought academic community for its focus on excellence in value based education and beneficial & educative extracurricular activities. Today, after 116 years of its inception the Franciscan Brothers continue their commitment of training young minds and finding solutions to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Message from Chairman/ President's Desk

Bro. Jose Valliara PRESIDENT-Governing Board

The Society of the Congregation of Franciscan Brothers was established on February 22nd, 1901 at Nagpur by its Founder, Bro. Paulus Moritz and his Companions. The Congregation aims at an integral and personalized formation of the young in the context of its plurality and diversity of Indian/World culture. It strive to render service to all strata of humanity to attain integral development and to live a free, dignified and truthful life.

St. Francis Institute of Management and Research (SFIMAR) Borivli, Mumbai was established in the year 2002 with the motto of providing quality professional education to graduate students to equip them with academic excellence in specialized management areas and value system. Value system includes grasp of soft skills, life skills and problem solving skills to face life in good times and bad. Thus, to strive to produce value based business leaders with intellectual competence, morally and ethically upright, socially committed, caring and fostering the ecology, spiritually inspired citizens in the service of India and the world at large.

The task ahead is to carry forward the traditional focus on creating value based excellence amongst participants and transforming them, by encouraging them to initiate and manage self-regulated innovative projects of educational and social values along with faculty members role in understanding and promoting the tremendous technological base which our young generation of students possess. Looking to be successful in one’s own career like becoming an entrepreneur, starting one’s own business or joint venture and getting a good job in a company etc are necessary. In all one should strive to live a life of happiness and contentment and share the same with others.

We also maintain a one-to-one relationship with our students and take care of their personality development at each stage through many interactive sessions on values, ethics, business etiquette, counselling and leadership.

On campus, the Franciscan values of service and living purposefully, are visible in action. Our faculty, students and staff are involved in many social outreach activities.

The Eco-System created by our strong SFIMAR-Alumni network enhances substantially the growth and development of our student participants of our Institute. I am indebted to all our educational partners for all your support and involvement in our higher education venture.

Message from Director’s Desk

St Francis Institute of Management and Research (SFIMAR) is known for imparting value based education with an ethic centered approach and outcome. This approach enables SFIMAR to induce growthin the student participants and to develop them not only into responsible citizens but also into leaders who are proficient, dedicated, disciplined and empathetic. Since its inception in the year 2002, SFIMAR has grown to an institution with a high degree of commitment to academic excellence, with a dynamic student group, extremely committed faculty team, and a devoted community where all the stakeholders exhibitsdelight and support of one another. SFIMAR’s unique Management ecosystem encapsulates various activities in academic and nonacademic which not only meritsthe participation of students but also ensures the student participants deep dive into the problem areas in order to reach to its roots. This ecosystem is also structured to empower employability and entrepreneurial spirit in the student participants. SFIMAR is also committed to enhance International /Global reach through strategic linkages. SFIMAR strives to put inits best in order to ensure 100% fulfillment of commitment. As a part of academic program, students are exposed to the professional work milieu and get the hands on experience in solving real life problems. The industry relevant syllabi and progressiveproject based learning pedagogy not only instill a passion for knowledge among the student participants but also guaranteesto inducein them how to apply the acquired knowledge in real situations.

The academic actions are complemented by a plethora of opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular, extra-curricular and specialized activities, both in-house and outbound. SFIMAR also emphasis on holistic development in the personality of the students and also indoctrinates creativity, leadership, integrity and ethics among the student participants. In the social front, SFIMAR endeavors to advance each SFIMARitesto work with all strength and values for the betterment of humanity and to be a good citizen and leader of tomorrow.

Best wishes and cheers always.