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Spandan: The Pulse of SFIMAR

Spandan is a student’s research Journal @SFIMAR. Over the years, it has provided platform to students to get recognition for their quality research work. SFIMAR has always put great emphasis on qualitative and quantitative research in various areas of management. Students with the help of faculty members have constantly tried to improve the standard of research work.

Spandan is managed by students under the guidance of senior faculty member's right from the process of data collection to publishing and disseminating the copies. The editorial team works effciently in the areas of content management and literature of the journal. 

We are delighted to witness Spandan 2018 take its ultimate shape of distinctiveness. We express our gratitude to the members of the editorial board for their continuous involvement in the publication of the journal. We are grateful to the management for their unstinted assistance and support. We acknowledge the contributions of SFIMAR faculty members and the corporate guides that have aided the students towards the successful completion of their research projects.


  • Prof. (Dr.) Sinimole K.R.
    Assistant Professor
    Dept :Operations
    Qualification : M.Sc Opts & Computer Applications, PhD (General management)
    Email :
  • Prof. Pushkar Dilip Parulekar
    Assistant Professor
    Dept :Finance
    Qualification : B.E. (EXTC), MMS (Finance), UGC- NET (Management)
    Email :
  • Prof. Vaibhav Kulkarni
    Assistant Professor
    Dept :Human Resource Management (HRM)
    Qualification : MBA, LLB
    Email :
  • Prof. (Dr.) Vinita Bhatia
    Assistant Professor
    Dept :Marketing
    Qualification : B. A. Eng. Hons, MBA, M. Com., Phd, NET (Management), NET(Commerce)
    Email :
  • Prof. Kiran Rodrigues
    Assistant Professor
    Dept :Finance
    Qualification : B.Com, MMS (Finance), UGC-NET
    Email :

Spandan Articles

1) Value Investing using Financial Performance Signals - (Page No 7 – 11)

(Ms. Aparna Upadhyay – PGDM II Finance)

2) A Financial Analysis of Broadband Pacenet among its Peers (Page No 12 – 18)

(Ms. Shailee Vaidya – MMSII Finance)

3) A Study on Customer Behavior (Dermatologist) and understanding the acceptance of Nadifloxacin + Adapalene in Acne Management - (Page No 19 – 25)

(Ms. Vaibhavi Bhatt – MMSII Marketing)

4) A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Preference of General Insurance – A Case of Reliance - (Page No 26 – 31)

(Mr. Sooraj Namboodri - PGDM II Marketing)

5) Study on the Recruitment & Selection Process at SMC Global Securities Limited - (Page No 32 – 35)

(Ms. CiannaD’Mello – MMS II Human Resource)

6) A Study of the Campus Recruitment Process at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd - (Page No 36 – 40)

(Ms. Sasha D’souza – MMS II Human Resource)

7) Amalgamation of Existing IMS & QMS to Introduce Integrated Business Management System (IBM) at MSPL & Practicing Lean Methodology (VSM) for Eliminating Muda - (Page No 41 – 51)

(Mr. Nikhil Desai MMS II Operations)

8) Implementation of Business Process Management System - (Page No 52 – 57)

(Somiya S Subramanian – PGDM II Operations)

9) A Study on Ecommerce Reporting system using Google Analytics for Apps Magnet - (Page No 58 – 62)

(ManaliTawde – MMS II – IT)

10) A Study on Online Buying Behavior of Men with Respect to Apparels in Mumbai - (Page No 63 – 68)

(Leanne Barretto – MMM III)


SFIMAR Research Review

This is a half yearly journal with a Print ISSN number (0975-895X). The Journal is published with an objective to disseminate information based on application in various segments of management. It is felt that this publication can help in encouraging and promoting indigenous management research and extension activities. It is also considered as a platform to share the ideas, views and experiences of management practitioners, researchers, and academicians at the national as well as the international level.

Newsletter: Jharokha

Jharokha, a bi-annual Student's Newsletter @ St. Francis Institute of Management & Research (SFIMAR), keeping you in touch with developments and opportunities at one of the leading providers of quality business education & research. Jharokha gives an insight on student development initiatives and their achievements in various academic and co-curricular dimensions.

SFIMAR has always encouraged students in various co-curricular activities in order to enhance their leadership and Managerial skill-sets. Students of SFIMAR are scaling new heights in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Research.

Jharokha keeps you abreast of current exciting developments hosted at SFIMAR's Campus.