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Three Year Part-Time MMS (Marketing/Financial Management) Degree Program - Guest Lecture

Global Trends & Implications involving GST

Mr. JoydeepSen,Specializing in Fixed Income securitieswas invited to speak on "Global Trends & Implications involving GST". He spoke about the implication of GST which would result in Cost Saving also said that we need a conducive environment as we push ourselves forward towards becoming a better developed nation. The lecture was interesting and helpful in understanding the global scenario post GST.

Dipti A

Human Excellence & Sustainable Growth

A guest lecture for SFIMAR Part Time students on Human Excellence & Sustainable Growth was conducted by Prof. Jayanta Roy on the 30thJuly,2017. The objective of the lecture was to make the students strive to achieve human excellence by being in tune with their inner self and will power. The speakertalked about leadership- personality traits, that the students needed to inculcate and also explained the 4 dimensions of human beings –namely, Energy, Intellectual, Mental and Physical dimensions. He also spoke on the importance of being self – motivated. The most thought provoking message shared by the speaker was that of having a purpose, value system and vision in lifeto gain more clarity aboutlife forgoal setting. The lecture ended with the speaker sharing a few inspirational messages with the students.

Leanne Barretto

Marketing Audit

Mr. Jatin Damania conducted a lecture on “Marketing audit”. His lecture helped us to learn and enhance our understanding on industry standards.Thecontent was equipped with relevant examples which gradually turned out to bevery interesting. It was more of aninteractive session.“We are thankful to SFIMAR for arranging such an engaging and interesting topic for the Part time Three Year Part-Time MMS (Marketing/Financial Management) Degree Program students”

Prakash Joseph D’mello
MFM 1st Year

Resilience Management

Resilience Management. It was quiet Interesting. It was started with the introduction and it was something different and amazing and also few activities like role play on how you can overcome from stress faced by us on our day to day activities were covered. Several Important topic like stress management, time management, leadership was covered in the session which was very helpful and interesting. We are thankful to SFIMAR for keeping such kind of session and I would suggest to keep more session which help us to enhance our skills.

Dipti Agarwal
MMM-1st year

Testimonial for Finance Guest Lecture

SFIMAR has been proactive in conducting Guest lectures and seminars for their financeStudents. One such Guest lecture was on “Commodities Market” by Mr Narendra Singh. Mr Singh has worked in the Derivative market with’ UTI Mutual fund’ for more than 15 years. Through his expertise he explained the concept of Derivatives in simple terms and gave an insight on how people trade and make profits in the Commodities market. He also spoke of the increasing job opportunities in the capital market segment owing to the increase in the number of Broking firms due to increase in Investor Trading.

As a student I am thankful to SFIMAR for taking the initiative for developing such programs for its students, which helps us to gain knowledge about the various opportunities available in Finance market for our career growth.