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MFM/MMM - Events

Outbound Training

As part of curriculum, outbound Training for 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Students of Part time courses MMM and MFM was organized by Institute at the venue as mentioned.
The intent of organizing such an event was to provide lessons in real Management terms and correlate tothe lessons taught in closed confined of class room- in the areas of Leadership, Team Management, Decision Making and Creativeness- all of which are required to climb up the corporate ladder. This was carried out through participation of students in mix across all batches in different form of games that require above personality traits.

Following are the lessons learnt and value additions students took back after this:

  • Ice-breaking with new people and Introduction
  • Coming out of comfort zone and Introvert characteristic
  • Indulging in Team Work and Managing different personalities coming from different back ground and cultures
  • Exhibiting Team Leadership (while playing games)
  • Creative Decision making (while playing games)
  • Realizing the importance of effective Communication
  • Realizing the importance of striking a balance between blind trust and “thought full” trust

One game in particular- the blind fold game with regard to point number 7 above involved mental as well as physical efforts and the intent of conducting this game was how to manage in times when you are required to keep complete trust on other person(s) in Corporate world The value imparted by this type of training will have long lasting effect and this compliments to the teachings of Management Studies- to help one became a good, successful and vibrant Manager / Entrepreneur.



Building on this earlier success, this year Prakalpa was held as an inter-collegiate event on the 15th of December, 2018. Prakalpa is a project competition, where in, the part time 3rd year students from SFIMAR and other institutes are provided with a forum to showcase their projects to an external panel of judges and compete among their peers to win awards.

The programme was attended by SFIMAR Chairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony , Registrar – Bro. Xavier Munda, In-charge Director of SFIMAR Dr. G. Ramesh, SFIMAR governing council Vice President Rev. Bro. Mathew Thekkemury , SFIMAR governing council member - Mr. Augustine Kurias, Programme Head Dr. Natika S. Poddar, part time students of SFIMAR and other institutes, admin staff and faculty members. The panel members invited for the competition were - for Financial Management - Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra, Ms. Namrata Gaikwad & Mr. Pushkar Parulekar, whereas, for Marketing Management – Dr. Nitin Joshi, Mr. Nitin Nagarkate & Dr. G. Ramesh.

The programme began with the auspicious ceremony of lighting of the lamp, followed by singing the SFIMAR prayer in order to invoke the presence of God. After a brief introduction of the institute and Prakalpa, a video showcasing the journey of Prakalpa was played, following which the esteemed dignitaries were escorted onto the dais. SFIMAR Incharge Director Dr. G. Ramesh delivered the welcome speech and Keynote address to the gathering, following which the panel members were introduced and felicitated by Dr. Natika S. Poddar. The rules of the competition were read out and the Finance and Marketing Management presenters along with the respective panelists and audience were led into separate classrooms for the presentations.

All the presenters did a remarkable job at presenting their topics and facing the questions from the panelist’s during Q & A session. After a small tea break, everyone re-assembled in the assembly hall post which Dr.Natika Poddar welcomed and felicitated SFIMAR governing vice president - Rev. Bro. Mathew Thekkemury and SFIMAR governing council member - Mr. Augustine Kurias. Mr. Augustine Kurias then delivered the valedictory address. Each of the panel members shared their view points on the presentations post which, SFIMAR governing vice president Rev. Bro. Mathew Thekkemury delivered his word of appreciation and gave away the awards to the winners in Financial Management accompanied by Mr. Augustine Kurias and Chairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony. Rev. Bro. Mathew was then accompanied by Dr. G. Ramesh and Bro. Xavier Munda to give away the awards in Marketing Management.

In Masters in Financial Management the second prize was bagged by Mr. Jitendra Mishra from GNIMS College under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Salunkhe. The first prize was bagged by Ms. Prajakta More from Thakur Institute of Management & Research under the guidance of Prof. Abhishek Rajurkar. In Masters in Marketing Management the second prize was bagged by Mr. Ganesh More from GNIMS college under the guidance of Prof. Annie Pillai. The first prize was bagged by Mr. Hiten Modh from SFIMAR College under the guidance of Prof. Jackson John. The Finance and Marketing Management winners were felicitated with a trophy, certificate and cash prize. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks and the singing of the National Anthem.

Ms. Jecintha Jossy Tharappel
Second Year MFM – Part Time 2017-2020 Batch

Orientation Program 2019-2022

SFIMAR’s 11th Batch Part Time MFM / MMM Inaugural & Orientation Program was held on the 6th of July, 2019 and was organized by the 2nd & 3 rd year students of the course.

The program began at 2:00 pm wherein, along with the first-year students, also present were SFIMAR Registrar Brother Xavier Munda, Director of SFIMAR - Dr. D. Henry, Deputy Director and MMS Program Head – Dr. G. Ramesh, MFM/MMM Course Program Head Dr. Natika Poddar, Heads of Department, Faculty members, and Admin staff members. The orientation programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by all the dignitaries and a first year student representative. Following which, the Peace Prayer was sung by the choir. An informative virtual tour of the MFM/MMM Programme was played for the students wherein every aspect and facility of SFIMAR was introduced to them.

The dignitaries were felicitated with Saplings and invited to the dais wherein Director Dr. D. Henry welcomed the students with the history of St. Francis Institute and a warm welcome speech. Deputy Director and MMS Program Head Dr. G Ramesh made a short and truly inspiring speech about the part time program and spoke to the students about the importance of the course and how the students can overcome their hurdles with mindfulness.

MFM/MMM Course Program Head, Dr. Natika Poddar felicitated the faculty members and HODs present at the orientation, following which she explained about the Part Time curriculum and rules and about extracurricular activities.

Ms. Dipti Agarwal, alumni of MMM Course, shared some experiences of her three year journey as a student at SFIMAR. Department Heads, Mr. Prakash Lalwani (I.T.) and Ms. Papinder Kaur(Library) were felicitated with saplings. They then briefed the students about the I.T and Library rules along with the facilities at their respective departments.

The program concluded with snacks and tea being served to the students, following which an ice breaker session was conducted by SFIMAR alumni Ms. Kavita Anthony. The well planned inaugural and orientation program truly served to provide a complete guide to the first-year students about the campus, the management, the curriculum, the faculty and the facilities available to them.

Jecintha Jossy
MFM-2nd Year

Guest Lecture on “Advertisement and Digital Marketing”

SFIMAR conducted a Guest lecture on“Advertisement and Digital Marketing” by Mr Parth Ghosh for the MFM/MMM students. Mr Ghosh, with his immense and vast Knowledge and expertise introduced and also shared an Insights on the topic. He explained how advertising is an on-Growing industry that would be the playing a major role in the various other sectors of the market and also the various job opportunities and in this field. He simplified the Topic and also answereddoubts and queries with alacrity.