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Institute Discipline

We emphasize on importance to ethical behavior and moral living in keeping with high value of education campus environment. Our campus is strictly a no smoking zone. Use of tobacco and tobacco based products etc. are strictly prohibited. Ragging or Indecent behavior of any kind and dishonesty will attract disciplinary action including termination of admission.

We follow a dress code i.e. Uniform approved by the institute at the time of admission. Students are expected to wear the uniform along with ID cards everyday while in campus. Indecent dressing & not abiding with the rules of the institute will be liable for disciplinary action.

Students are advised that ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. As per Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999, ragging is an offence and any person indulging in or found guilty of ragging shall be liable to be prosecuted and also be dismissed from the institution. An anti-ragging Committee consisting of 10 members has been constituted by SFIMAR.

Students Grievance Committee for grievance redressal of student related issues has been constituted.

Rules and regulations have been passed prohibiting sexual harassment in the campus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against anyone indulging in sexual harassment of women in the campus.

The required facilities have been provided for differently abled handicapped students.