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Eminent Speakers at SFIMAR

At SFIMAR, emphasis is given on not only making the students academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing them for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting people from industries and top institutions to provide valuable information to the students about the latest updates of the industry.

Eminent Speaker Series - 2019 - 2020

Eminent Speaker Series 2019-20 was planned to be conducted on 22/02/2020 and 14/03/2020. Resource person for 22/02/2020 was Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, who is an entrepreneur-turned-academician & Innovation evangelist. He has founded three companies from 1990 to 2005 in the domain of productivity enhancement technologies for manufacturing. His topic of discussion was ‘Design Thinking &Innovation’.

The 2nd round of the series was conducted on 14.03.2020 and the resource person was Mr. Samish Dalal who specializes in the field of Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is an associate professor at S P Jain and is also in-charge of the GFMB Program (Global Family managed business) Program at SP Jain Institute of Management. He is associated with many family businesses for a long time as a consultant. His topic of discussion was ‘Exploring Business Opportunities’. Both the sessions were of 2 hours each and approximately 45 students from various under-graduate and post-graduate colleges across Mumbai, Thane and Palghar attended the program.

Learning Outcomes from the session:-

Session 1:

1. Students got the exposure of the art perspectives, ideas, concepts, and solutions related to the design and execution of innovation driven projects using design thinking principles. 2. Students recognized the latest and future issues and challenges in innovation.

Session 2:

1. Students were made aware of the most important elements of a business and how it is important to differentiate to survive in a competitive environment. 2. Students understood the positives and negatives of doing business.

Eminent Speaker Series - 2018 - 2019

Eminent Speaker Series 2018 was held on 29th September and 6th October 2018. On 29/09/2018 the session speaker was Mr. Yogesh Udgire, Founder of The Institute of Digital Marketing India and Executive Director at Surekh Services Pvt. Ltd., who discussed on ‘Role of Digital Technology on New Product Development and Business Transformation’, and on 06/10/2018 the session speaker was Mr. Ashok Bhansali, Ed-Tech and Blockchain enthusiast, Head of vertical and financial advisor, New Jersey, Aicumen Technologies Inc., who discussed on ‘Blockchain & Paradigm Shift in Digital Technology’.

Many students from various other colleges took part in the programme.

Eminent Speaker Series - 2017 - 2018

Eminent Speaker Series 2017 was held on 11th November and 25th November 2017. On 11/11/2017 the session speaker was Mr. Prakash Bargaonkar, Director—Helpage India and Ms. Nirmala Mehendale, Founder Director—Mind Mover & Former President—BMA. Mr. Prakash addressed the topic ‘Social Entrepreneurship- The Business of Good’ and Ms. Mehendale discussed on ‘Bet on Yourself’. On 25/11/2017 the session speaker was Prof. Mike Ivanof, Associate Professor- University of the Fraser Valley, Canada. Dr. Mike spoke on ‘Unlocking Strategic Leadership through Open Innovation’.

Students from other UG and PG colleges attended the programme.

Eminent Speaker Series - 2016 - 2017

St. Francis Institute of management and Research (SFIMAR) has organized "Eminent Speaker Series - 2016", where the business personalities (with a position of CEO, MD, President or Chairman) addressed the management students. The objective of the event was to get Industry-academic interface whereby students would certainly get the opportunity to interact with the industry people. We conducted three sessions in the series. Those were organised on (i) 27th August 2016, (ii) 1st October 2016 and (iii) 5th November 2016.

The Eminent Speaker for 27th August (1st session) was Mr. Noel Swain (CEO of Ezeego, with 18 years of experience in the Travel Industry). The topic for the 1st session is "How to Equip Yourself to Face Challenges in Academics and at Workplace". He stressed on the concept of skill development to climb the steep ladder of one’s career where Management skills need to be supplemented with the technical skills and people skills.

The second session was addressed by Mr. Pavan Desai (Head Finance Shared Services, BNP Paribas), the Eminent Speaker on 1st October and the topic was “Banking Industry evolution, need for regulation of banking world-wide.” The speaker focused on the control of NPA and the effective management to identify the possibility of credit default of the debtor much in advance. He has also indicated the career opportunity and the career path for the management students in banking sector. Dr Sailendra Narain, (Ex-Chairman of SIDBI) was the speaker for the third and last event of the "Eminent Speaker Series - 2016" conducted on 5th November 2016. He had made the entire session interactive and lively with a participative learning method. The topic he discussed was “ARE WE GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE IN DOING OR MANAGING BUSINESS?”. The learning outcome of the session in a nutshell is that we should set of a standard in the global business by following the best practices so that the rest of the World will compete with us.

Guest Lectures / Workshops Organized In SFIMAR
Sr. No. Guest Lecturer's Details Organization Designation
1 Mr. J Iyer IDBI Ex-Director
2 Dr. M.G.Shrihatti Oriental Institute of Management Director General
3 Dr. Meghashree Dalvi TechR IT Services Director
4 Mr. Rahul Mirchandani Aries Agro Ltd Executive Director
5 Dr. Pandit Palande YCMOU Pro- Vice Chancellor
6 Mr. Ajit Balakrishnan Rediff Founder & CEO
7 Mr. Fredrick Hamilton RA Solar Power Pvt. Ltd. CEO
8 Mr. Alok Sheopurkar HDFC Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. Sr. VP & Head-HR
9 Mr. Krishna Reddy Apna Bazaar Founder
10 Ms. Sonali Tipre Margin's View Consultancy Founder & CEO
11 Mr. G Sunder Onida-MCR CEO
12 Mr. Ganesh Shanbag SMS Financial Services Pvt. Ltd CEO
13 Mr. Mohan Kolhatkar Mahindra & Mahindra Sr. VP
14 Ms. Rajshri Mokashi Gencoval VP
15 Mr. Prakash Shanware IPCA Director - HR
16 Mr.Thampy Jacob Ajanta Pharma Ltd DGM-HR
17 Mr. C A Sankalp JP Morgan Analyst
18 Mr. John Dsouza Trinity College, London Trainer
19 Mr.Ram Surve Absotherm Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. Asst. VP
20 Mr. Rajeev Andharia BTP Technologies Pvt Ltd Corporate Trainer
21 Mr. Shridhar Kshrisagar Renaissance Consulting Group Corporate Trainer
22 Mr. Vinay Hinge Independent Consultants Exchange IT Consultant
23 Dr. Gary Willis University of Southampton Faculty of Physical & Applied Sciences
24 Mr. Mohandas Pai Accumax Engg Ltd Ex.GM - Oprs & HR
25 Ms. Abhilasha Gupta --- Counselor
26 Mr. Sumit Jain J. P Morgan Research Analyst
27 Mr. Ravi Rangan Singh Mahindra &Mahindra Brand Manager
28 Mr. Nirmal Rewari Edelweiss Financial Services Sr. VP
29 Mr. Vivek Sheth G I T M Director
30 Mr. Shreedharan C D NMIMS Adjunct Faculty NMIMS
31 Ms. Devangi Bhuta Knowlhealth COO
32 Mr. Upendra More ICICI Manager - Training
33 Mr. Saswata Das Wow Design Entrepreneur M/D
34 Ms. Chetna Mehrotra Image Management Consultant
35 Ms. Susan Josi Sorento Healthcare Managing Partner