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Extra-Curricular Clubs



Outbound training was conducted for MMS I Div. A and MMS I Div. B as well as PGDM I on 3 rd November,1 st December and 15 th November 2018 respectively. The details are as under:

  • Venue – Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (Uttan)
  • No. of students attending the training:
    • MMS I (A) - 57
    • MMS I (B) – 53
    • PGDM I - 56
  • Faculty Members who attended training
    • 3 rd November – Dr Mohan Mathew, Col Venkat and Dr Natika. Dr Sulbha Raorane, Prof Simmi Prasad, Dr Vaishali Kulkarni and Prof Vaibhav Kulkarni also joined the program for sometime
    • 15 th November - Dr Mohan Mathew, Col Venkat, Prof Kalia, Prof Pushkar, Prof Shilpa and Prof Kiran
    • 1 st December - Dr Mohan Mathew, Col Venkat, Dr Natika, Prof Kalia


The Primary objective of the program was to give students a learning experience of various soft skills which will be useful in their corporate work life. Activities conducted both outdoor and indoor. Feedback sessions and lessons learnt were discussed at length for each activity. Students were given the opportunity to lead Teams.


The Outbound training gave an opportunity for students to bond together, communicate and work in Teams as well as lead in activities that were based on the concept of learning with fun. The enthusiasm was markedly high and students felt the learning was immense. We have one more Outbound planned for 03 February for Part time students. The other major gain was that many faculty have shown interest and Dr Natika and Prof Kalia are now prepared to lead this initiative when required. In addition, Prof Kiran and Prof Shilpa are also equally well versed to conduct the training independently.

Malay Club- "SFIMAR Star Performer"

Malay Club's event 'SFIMAR Star Performer' was held on 24th January,2019. It started at 4.30pm at the St. Francis 3rd floor Auditorium. The event started off by Introduction of Malay Club.The first being for fine arts where they encourage students to bring out their creativity through various art competitions conducted and in the second one performing arts where we they encourage the artists in students to use their voices, bodies or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. After Malay Club's introduction, the judges for the day were introduced. The first judge was Mr. Vaibhav Kulkarni and the second judge was Ms. Selma Baptista. They were greeted with a bouquet of flowers as a token of respect. The event was also enlightened by the presence of our dignitaries Chairman Brother Alphonse Nesamony, Registrar Brother Xavier Munda and our Director in-charge Dr. G Ramesh.

The event had various performances of different categories like Dance , Singing , Mimicry , Mime act and for the first time ever the Speed Painting. The event was so energetic that the auditorium was filled with enthusiasm and one could feel that vibe around. The audience played a very important role by cheering the participants. There were 25 super talented performers who participated.

All of the performances splendid. Because of this it was really a tough time for the judges to select the top 3 winners. Finally a decision was made that 5 prizes should be given for the winners i.e 1st place , 2nd place , 3rd place and 2 consolation prizes.

The 1st place was secured by Ms. Riya Patil (Singing) from MMS, 2nd place was secured by Ms. Gauri Raut (Dancing) from MMS and the 3rd place was secured by Mr. Cyril John (Acting) from PGDM. The 2 consolation prizes were given to Mr. Kalpesh Ambekar (Speed Painting) from PGDM and Mr.Steve Lobo (Singing) from MMS.

The event ended by giving certificates to the Malay Club Co-ordinators by Malay club’s faculty coordinators Dr. Natika Poddar and Ms. Papinder Kaurfor their efforts through both the seasons. It was indeed an amazing day to witness students from MBA having such a great talent.

Apurva G

Blood Donation Drive

A blood donation drive was organized by ISR Club ‘Abhimaan’ on 30-11-2018 in association with the Borivali Blood Bank. On 28-11-18, Dr. Vyas from the Blood bank explained the students the advantages of donating blood for a noble cause. There was an overwhelming response which led to a total collection of 70 units. The drive was an influential event for many first time donors. Every donor was presented with a certificate and a donor card as a token of appreciation.

Malay Club- “Chritsmas Carnival”

With Christmas bells ringing and the New Year approaching, everyone was full of enthusiasm and energy for the fun-filled season.

The co-ordinators of Malay club this year organized a “Christmas Carnival” competition on 30th November 2018. This event was conducted to inculcate team spirit among each group taking part and to see how well the students co-ordinate with each other, and come up with new, innovative and creative ideas within a time span of one hour. The time scheduled was from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. There were 12 groups that took part in the competition. The participants were given a table which they had to decorate as creative as they could to welcome Christmas. The criteria that the participants had to follow were that they could not use any ready made materials and that they should depict a strong message. During the on-going event our chairman Brother Bro. Alphonse Nesamonyand our MMS programme head Dr. G Ramesh (I/C Director) had come to see the efforts and the talent portrayed by the participants.

Prof. Jackson John and Ethel Fernandez Ma’am judged all the groups based on the Creativity, presentation, Decoration and Christmas Message which were specified in the rules.

The winners were declared on the very same day. Out of the 12 groups that participated three groupswere awarded based on the judgment parameters. The first prize was won by Alston, Alister, Clemence, Casia, Farina (MMS-1); the 2nd prize was won by Jason,

Alwin, Kavita, Apurva, Devavrat (MMS-1); and the 3rd prize was won by Praveen, Raunak, Tanuj, Michael, Robinson (PGDM-1).

The event was a success. There was a great level of enthusiasm and a divine spirit among all the participants. The participants created a wonderful Christmas atmosphere by dressing up as Santa, singing carols and distributing chocolates. Overall it was a cheerful, triumph and jubilant way of welcoming Christmas.

Sonali Mhatre

MOCK STOCK Intra-collegiate competition for MMS I & PGDM I held on 27th November, 2018

Mock Stock 2018 was conducted on 27th November, 2018 by the Finatics Club under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Natika Poddar andProgramme Head Prof. Dr. G. Ramesh.

The main resource person was Mr. Vaibhav Shah, an alumnus of PGDM who is a trader himself and also an expert in this field.There were 13 teams competing comprisingof MMS I and PGDM students. Each team had six members where 1 member was the broker. For the first session of one and half hours the participants were given insights into the field of trading and the different types of trading options and the asset classes you can trade in on the stock market. Mr. Vaibhav also explained about the different stock exchanges such as BSE andNSE. Mr. Vaibhav ended the training session with a few quotes by Warren Buffet.The rules of the game and instructions too were explained to the participants. The Teams where the students reached late for the event were penalised for 1000 points each. Students traded on the live market where each team was allocated with a budget of Rupees Two Crores and had to trade on a minimum of 12 stocks of the 30 listed companies. Live News on Television was telecasted to access real time market information to assist students in their decisions. Trading began at 10.00 A.M. and was divided into 3 sessions, two of 20 minutes each and the last session was 15 minutes due to the time constraints.The broker could punch in his orders for purchase of shares or fixed deposits. The orders for shares could either be punched through delivery or intraday. The first session ended with only the top group numbers being declared just to keep the excitement going.The team that won the first session was given an advantage where they could restrict any one team broker from not trading for 3 minutes in the third session. The bottom two teams too could nail any team of their choice. The event also included a lot of Spot Quizzes that helped the students learn more about the stock and gain Industry knowledge about various companies where the teams were asked questions and the team that answered correctly being honoured with bonus points and penalty points for the team breaking the rules.

The final session was the most exciting with each broker along with his respective team members busy in increasing the gains through the transactions of selling shares. The team with the highest profit was declared the winner. The profit earned was the sum total of all sessions played and the bonus points earned during the quiz round including the penalty points.

The Runner Up Team was Team 13 consisting of Vian, Apurva G, Manish, Vinisha, Shubam and Renal as the Broker, as they managed to earn a profit of Rs. 5,80,299/- and the Winning Team was Team 7 consisting of Prajwal, Shawn, Omkar, Pratik, Mitesh and Saiprasad as the Broker and they earned a profit of about Rs. 12,93,030/- in all. Both the winners were from MMS I. The competition ended with the valedictory session where Chairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony and MMS Programme Head & I/C Director Prof. Dr. G. Rameshalong with Prof. Dr. Natika Poddar awarded the winners and runners up with gold and silver medals, gifts respectively. The student coordinators too were awarded with certificates in appreciation for their efforts.

Due to the immense support of Mr. Vaibhav, Prof. Dr. Natika Poddar, the entire IT Department and Swamy, along with our student coordinators, the MockStock 2018 turned out to be a successful and knowledgeable event.

Ms.Melinda Monteiro

Malay Club- “Best Out of Waste” (Plastic Bottles)

It’s harder to recycle plastic bottles than you think. Of the mass number of plastic bottles consumed throughout the world, most of them are not recycled because only certain types of plastic bottles can be recycled by certain municipalities. They either end up lying stagnant in landfills, leaching dangerous chemicals into the ground or they infiltrate our streets as litter. They are found on sidewalks, in parks, front yard and rivers, and even if you chop them into tiny pieces they still take more than a human lifetime to decompose.

The coordinators of Malay Club this year decided to organized a “Best Out Of Waste”( plastic bottles) competition cum exhibition on 5th October 2018. This event was conducted to inculcate team spirit among each group taking part and to see how well the students co-ordinate with each other, and come up with new, innovative and creative ideas within a time span of one hour. 20 groups took part in this competition. The only criteria for the students was that they could use any material, but the maximum usage of plastic bottles should be seen. Also as a token of gesture Prof. Natika Poddar gave cloth bags to all the 20 groups for the maximum use of plastic bottles. The competition was held in our chess area from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. During the event Director Dr. S.S. Mohanty and some of the other faculty members came to see the efforts and the talent portrayed by the participants.

Prof. Vaibhav and Prof. Kiran along with Ms. Surekha judged all the groups based on the innovative, creativity and other parameters which were mentioned in the rules.

Out of the 20 groups, three groups got the highest marks based on the judgement parameters. The winners were declared on the v same day. The first prize was won by Roshan Anvekar, Rosella Gamiya, Hiren R, Kalpesh and Minakshi Ahuja (PGDM-1), the second prize was won by two groups; out of them one was won by Ajin Varghese, Cyril John, Sanal Skarla, Akanksha Shetye, and Diksha Shetty (PGDM-1), and the other winner were Sayali Sawant, Siddhesh , Vrushali, Steve Lobo, and Rubina Rodrigues (MMS-1)

The event was a success. All the groups came up with different innovative and creative ideas. Plus these students by participating in this event took a step further in protecting our environment. This event helped the students to work with great level of coordination among the team members with a winning spirit and also contribute in saving our planet. This ultimately accomplished the Malay Club’s motive.

Sourabh surve

Green Club

The primary objective of green club is to promote "green activities" among all the stakeholders of SFIMAR and bring out a sense of responsibility in improving the conditions of environment among them.

The objectives of the club are

  • To make our campus green
  • To spread the message about conserving resources and living a sustainable life style
  • To encourage research on sustainability

Film Screening Club

The Film Screening Club selects award winning Movies, Short Films, Documentaries etc. based on management concepts and screens them for MMS & PGDM Students. The Movies screened by the club are followed by a detailed discussion focusing on the learning’s from the movie. The Club promotes experiential learning and Edutainment.