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Core Faculty

The faculty members at SFIMAR are considered to be best-of-class in terms of their expertise, industry experience and academic credentials. While the core faculty members have had a long-standing association with the Institute, the academic environment has been further enriched by the presence of visiting faculty members from India as well as abroad, given their years of experience in the corporate world and otherwise.

  • Director Prof. (Dr.) D. Henry Babu
  • Prof. (Dr.) G Ramesh
  • Prof. (Dr.) Natika S Poddar
  • Prof. (Dr.) Smita Jesudasan
  • Prof. (Dr.) Vaishali Kulkarni
  • Prof. (Dr.) Simeon S Simon
  • Prof. Col. Venkat Raman
  • Prof. (Dr.) Simmi Prasad
  • Prof. Shilpa Peswani
  • Prof. Vasudha Rao
  • Prof. Sanchayita Banerjee
  • Prof. Jestin Johny
  • Prof. Pushkar Dilip Parulekar
  • Prof. Jackson John
  • Prof. Kiran Rodrigues
  • Prof. (Dr.) Fr. Raja
  • Prof. (Dr.) Mohan T Mathew
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