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Co-Curricular Clubs


On January 14, 2020, Mock Stock Competition (one of the events of Finatics Club) was held for the students of Master of Management Studies (MMS) of St. Francis Institute of Management and Research in the college campus led by Dr. Natika Poddar. Event was organised by Mr. Vaibhav Shah (Resource Person).

Treeplantation Writeup

Living a green lifestyle, conserving our resources and not polluting are all things we can do to go green and help keep the environment clean.

Green Club coordinators organized Tree Plantation Drive on 28th Oct 2017. The event was conducted to inculcate the habit to “Plant trees and Look for Eco Friendly Products.” The time scheduled was from 11 am onwards. Student/faculty coordinators and participants assembled in the campus area with most dressed in green. Medicinal and commercially useful plants like Mint, Sabja, Marva, Lemmon Grass, Ekdandi, Sadaphuli, Adulsa, Aloe Vera, Ajwain, Bakuli, NeerBrahmi, Panfuti, Sailee, Krishna Tulsi, Basmati Aroma, Jaswandi, Madan Baan, Beetle Leaf, Bakuli etc. were planted and around 100 plants were replanted and transferred into bigger containers, adding manure and changing soil for the same.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. S. S.Mohanty by planting Lemmon Grass, he briefed the students on the uses of plant and encouraged them to actively participate and contribute towards environment conservation and nurture love for nature. Bro. Xavier Munda, Col. Venkat, Prof.Akhilesh, Dr. Ramesh, Prof.Kiran also planted medicinal plants and appreciated the efforts of the team. For each plant, brief description about the useful plant parts and their benefits was displayed on the display card. Participants worked hard for completion of the target of 100 plants set for the event. With more hands the plantation was completed in a span of around 4 hours.

The event was great success. Participants worked hard and enjoyed too. Enthusiasm was prevailing as some participants opted for being part of Green Club and showed interest in participating and contributing in the future clubactivities. They gave feedback the task was tiring but had fun doing it! The activity was accomplished with a learning objective to work as a team, best coordination and division of work and responsibilities.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called Stress, Working hard for something we love is called Passion.

Model Co-Operative Bank, Borivali(W) Branch

The MMS 1 students visited Model Cooperative Bank, I.C Colony branch, on 26/9/17 under the guidance of Dr. NatikaPoddar. The visit gave students an insight of how banks work. The branch manager Mrs. NuellaNaronha along with regional branch manager Mr. Jude D'silvabriefedstudents on various types of bank accounts, CTS(cheque truncation system) adopted by banks for clearing chequesin comparison with traditional methods, reserves maintained with RBI, various methods through which banks get their incomes and also future opportunities into banking after theMMS program. All the students gave a positive feedback of the bank visit.
MMS 1 div A, Diana D'Costa.

Janata Sahakari Bank

On 21st September, 2016, 40 students from MMS-I visited the Borivali branch of Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune under the supervision and guidance of Dr.NatikaPoddar. The objective of the visit was to get familiarized with the functioning of banks.

The bank staff led by the bank manager- Mr. Ravi Shankar briefed them on the financial status of the bank in terms of deposits and advances followed by an interactive session with the staff on basic banking terms, types of banks, services offered, schemes introduced by the current government and the Cheque Truncation System (CTS) adopted by banks for faster clearing of cheques.Later, students were also acquainted with the locker room and the mega banker machine of e-lobby.

Mock Stock

On 14th November, 2017 the Finatics club of SFIMAR organized Mock Stock competition a mock online trading game. The main resource person was Mr. Vaibhav Shahan alumni of PGDM who is a trader himself and also an expert in this field. There were 14 teams competing comprising of MMS 1 and PGDM students. Each team had six members where 1 member was the broker. For the first session of 1 hour the participants were given insights into the field of trading and the different types of trading options and commodities you can trade in on the stock market,. MrVaibav also explained about the different stock exchanges such as BSE,NSE and Nifty 50. Mr. Vaibhav ended the training session with a few quotes by Warren Buffet.The rules of the game and instructions too were explained to the participants.Each team was allocated with a budget of Two Crore and had to trade on a minimum of 12 stocks of the 30 listed companies. Live News on Television was telecasted to access real time market information to assist students in their decisions. The event also included a lot of Spot Quizzes and Games that helped the students learn more about the stock and gain Industry knowledge about various companies. Each trading session was of 20 minutes where the broker could punch in his orders for purchase of shares. The orders could be of shares or fixed deposits. The orders for shares could either be punched through delivery or intraday. Each session ended with only the top group numbers being declared just to keep the excitement going. There was also fun quizzes conducted where each team were asked questions and the team that answered correctly being honored with bonus points. The team that won the first two sessions was given an advantage where they could restrict any one team broker from not trading for 10 minutes in the next session.

The final session was the most exciting with each broker along with his respective team members busy in increasing the gains through the transactions of selling shares. The team with the highest profit was declared the winner. The profit earned was the sum total of all sessions played and the bonus points earned during the quiz round. The team with a profit of Rs. 71209 was declared the winner and the team with Rs. 65296 was declared the runners up.The winners were Prerana, Rini ,Michelle, Siddesh, Sandesh and Broker- Nestor from MMS 1. The competition ended with the valedictory session where MrAugustianKurias- Executive Committee member andChairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony awarded the winners and runners up with gold and silver medals, gifts and certificates respectively. The student coordinators too were awarded with certificates in appreciation for their efforts in making the event successful. The training session was very useful as the participants got a lot of information on how to trade, when and what stocks to trade on the stock market. The participants gained some insights which will help them in trading on the stock markets.

Nirmiti Club – Marketing Club

Nirmiti is a dynamic marketing forum, headed by the students of marketing specialization. It is directedtowards organizing inter college as well as intra college events to promote marketing activities that will harness students talents.