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Career Management Centre (CMC)

The Career Management Centre (CMC) is the liaison between our highly diverse talent pool of students, alumni and employers. The primary responsibility of CMC is to assist students for Summer Internship of two months i.e. May & June as well as for Final Placements to all its registered students.

CMC's focus is to achieve 100% Summer & Final Placement by assisting students as per Institute's Placement Policy.


  • · To provide career guidance about choice of specialization, placements and entrepreneurship to students.
  • · To assist first year students with two months summer internships.
  • · To assist students for live project opportunities.
  • · To assist second year students for final placement.
  • · To maintain corporate relations with the recruiters, alumni and industry.
  • · To organize Pre- Placement Training.
  • · To provide awareness to students about Placement Policy, Training & Selection Process.
  • · Planning and organizing various alumni interaction programs.
  • · Finding, informing and managing pool placements drives.
  • · Building a bridge between industry and academia.
  • · Assisting recruiting companies for their promotion on the campus and handle the entire placement process.

Recruiting Guidelines

If you are looking to recruit, tap into SFIMAR's world-class talent pool. Recruit high-calibre personnel for employment, or short/long-term assignments and Live projects. SFIMAR graduates can provide the outstanding global business capabilities, diversity, international outlook and professional experience that will make a real difference to your business.

SFIMAR's Career Management Centre (CMC)

CMC is your "one-stop shop" for all of your recruiting needs. We are dedicated to serve the specific needs of recruiters searching for the future leadership of their organizations. In order to reach out and communicate with the students and in turn to increase your visibility on our campus you can explore the following methods:

  • Promotional Tuesday & Saturday
    Companies are welcome to visit SFIMAR Campus prior to their actual recruitment process to promote their company through corporate presentation thus sharing information about the company, job opportunities, required skill set & selection process. This will be beneficial to both the company as well as the students in taking right decisions. Book a day & time Slot today with us for Final & Summer Placement.
  • Distributing published material
    Company brochures, pamphlets and other published material are an effectual way of disseminating information about the company. Such matters can be sent to the Placement Office for distribution amongst the students.
  • Guest Talks
    The Company can build presence on the campus by having its senior representatives interact with the students through guest lectures and seminars on various topics.
    For confirming the promotional dates and to know more about the recruitment and internship process please contact the CMC staff or write to us at placements@sfimar.org