Research & Consultancy Centre

Research forms an integral component of the faculty's work at SFIMAR. Faculty members undertake research on a wide range of topics such as Global Competitiveness, WTO Research Centre, Development of Digital Library, Aspects of reliability modeling and their applications in industry etc.

The Research & Consultancy Center of SFIMAR, besides providing administrative assistance that facilitates research related activity in the Institute, also documents the status of research projects and maintains an updated list of faculty publications. The Center publishes all the research activities of SFIMAR through its bi-annual Research Journal.

SFIMAR faculty regularly publishes their work in reputed refereed national and international journals.

Research Review Committee (RRC)

The Research Review Committee (RRC) deals with the review of overall research activities conducted by SFIMAR faculty.

The committee approves and monitors all the research activities periodically to ensure that the research undertaken in the respective field is in alignment with modern business management trends.

The RRC Member Details

Mr. Augustine Kurias
Dr. Thomas Mathew
Research Dean
Prof. Sujeesha Naidu

List of Research Papers Published from Jan 2013 To Jan 2014

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Research Topic/Book title Publication Month  of Publication
1 Prof.SulbhaRaorane Fire Insurance Insurance World, Volume 12;
Issue No. 03      
 March 2013
2 Prof. SulbhaRaorane Role Of Motor Accident Claim Tribunals In The Settlement Of Motor Accident Claim Insurance world vol. 12, issue 7 1-Jul-13
3 Prof. SulbhaRaorane Buying sole owner property- Is it easy for women? Insurance world vol. 12, issue 8 13-Aug-13
4 Prof. SulbhaRaorane Three way Investment….. Insurance world vol. 12, issue 7 13-Jul-13
5 Prof. SulbhaRaorane Marine Insurance- Are your shipments fully protected? Insurance world Vol. 12, issue 11 Nov. 13
6 Prof.NatikaPoddar A study on Energy audit Paper presented at
Chetna'sInst of Mgmt
7 Prof.NatikaPoddar Economic Avenues and challenges in the area of organized retailing in banking sector Paper presented at
Thakur college of Comm. and Science in collaboration with University of Mumbai
24& 25
Sept 2013
8 Prof.NatikaPoddar Emerging trend in Financial performance of General Insurance Industry in India Paper presented at
St.Xavier College, UGC sponsored
27 and 28 Sept, 2013
9 Prof.NatikaPoddar Operational & Credit risk management with special reference to Indian banking sector Paper presented in international seminar B.L.amlaniCollege of Comm and Eco. and published
21- Sep-13
10 Dr. G Ramesh Media and Organized Retail for a Sustainable Social Development -An exploratory study  SFIMAR Research Review
Vol 8 issue 1 2013.

Consultancy / Extension Activities

SFIMAR undertakes variety of consulting assignments for various organizations. Our dedicated team works with companies on a variety of consultancy projects & can benefit any organization by combining knowledge with experience and applying it to organizational needs.

Some of these activities are mentioned below :-

  • Customized MDP’s
  • Skill Development Trainings
  • Research on CSR Activities
  • Online/ Offline Entrance Examinations
  • Online/ Offline Recruitment Tests