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Spandan 2017

Students Research Journal

Spandan is an annual student’s research journal @ SFIMAR. It aims to provide a forum for students to publish their scholarly and creative work. SFIMAR has always encouraged students to take up various research projects in diverse fields of business management, which helps the students in enhancing their analytical & technical skills. Spandan was initiated in making accessible the results of research across a wide range of management information-related disciplines.

Spandan is managed by students under the guidance of senior faculty member’s right from the process of data collection to publishing & disseminating the copies. The editorial team works efficiently for the content management and literature of the journal.


SFIMAR Research Review

This is a half yearly journal with an ISSN number (0975-895X). The Journal is published with an objective to disseminate information based on application in various segments of management. It is felt that this publication can help in encouraging and promoting indigenous management research and extension activities. It is also considered as a platform to share the ideas, views and experiences of management practitioners, researchers, and academicians at the national as well as the international level.

Vol 9 | Issue 2

A Comparative Study of Service Quality of Two Major Multiplexes in Rajkot: Application of Servqual Model A Comparative Study of Service Quality of Two Major Multiplexes in Rajkot: Application of Servqual Model
Ms. Bhumika Achhnani, Ms. Priyanka Garg.

Study of Application of HRA in Selected Software Companies in Mumbai Ms. Babita A. Kanojia

Wealth Creation in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector an Eva Approach Dr Smita Jesudasan, Ms. Shakila Bolar, Mr. Pradeep Shetty

Success Story Of General Electric-lighting Mr. Rahul Jaiprakash Sharma

MMRDA, A Move towards Civic Amenities: Dichotomy of Development and Social Justice Dr. Sangeeta N Pawar

Influence of Ex-ceo Steve Jobs’s Personal Brand on Apple’s Business Success Mr. Jackson John, Mr. Ankit Shetty

Vol 9 | Issue 1

Innovation & Lifelong Learning Dr. Dilip S. Patil

Diversification and Profitability of scheduled commercial banks during reforms in India Dr. Somnath S. Vibhute

Agricultural Land in India : Providence of Farmers Mrs. Kanchan Fulmali

A Critical Study to find out the Effectiveness of Brand Extensions Undertaken by Maggi Dr. Parag Ajagaonkar & Dr. Ritu Vashisht

Role of Mumbai Grahak Panchayat in Consumer Welfare Mrs. Albina Joshi

Study of find out Young Individual Perception about various Asset Classes from May 1, 2014 to May 1, 2019 Mr. Pushkar Dilip Parulekar

Vol 8 | Issue 2

Study of contribution of Technical Communication towards Achieving Corporate Objectives in the information Technology Industry Dr. Meghashri Dalvi

Social development of underprivileged sections of the society & management of the Government Prof. Kanchan S Fulmali

A Study of work-life balance among Managers of Public and Private Sector Banks Prof. Vinay V. Prabhu and Dr. Bharat M. Pithadia

Empowerment of women and sustainable development through self help groups Dr. Rajeshwary G

A Study on Product Redesigning for Defect Prevention and Quality Improvement Mr. Parag R. Rane

Electronic Diwali by 2050 Mr. Narayanan Anantharaman

Vol 8 | Issue 1

Impact of Research on Higher Education Dr. Seethalekshmy N. & Mr. Jitendra Aherkar

Relevance of MBA in Today's Business Scenario Ms. Sheril J. D'Souza & Dr. Sulbha Raorane

Micro Strategies for Higher Education Attendance and Assessment Dr. Rajinder S.Aurora & Prof. Kavita Shetty

Brand Building & Brand Loyalty for Airlines Companies:Case Study of Indigo Airline Dr. Parag Ajagaonkar & Dr. Ritu Vashisht

Media and Organized Retail for a Sustainable Social Development-An Exploratory Study Prof. G. Ramesh

Image Management and its Future in Emerging India Ms. Deepti Shetty & Mr. Vijaykumar Dhannur

Vol 7 | Issue 2

The effect of Appreciative Inquiry as OD Intervention on planning and Service Quality Improvement Dr. Chandramouli More

Effective Leadership in Iranian Higher Education Ms. Fatemeh Hamidifar

The Secret ingredients in Making a Genius: IIT Bombay Prof. Kanchan S. Fulmali & Prof. Ajinkya P. Bhasme

Professional Development, a Success Mantra in Business World Prof. Archana Patil & Prof Apeksha Somwanshi

Education Quality Improvement in Management Institute through Six Sigma Approach Dr. A.K Sen & Col. E.J. Sanchis

Innovative Strategies for Safe E – Commerce activities in Higher Education Mr. Vinod Moreshwar Vaze

Vol 7 | Issue 1

Relevance of Maslows Theory in the Modern day middle and Top Management Dr. Smita Jain & Dr. Namrata Mehta

Risk Management in Banks Shri. Arvind A. Dhond

Legal Risks, Mitigations & Limitations Related to Electronic Contracts Ms. Deepa A. Chitnis

Corporate Frauds Biggest Financial Risk for Investors (A Case Study of ‘SATYAM COMPUTERS LTD.’) Prof. CA Bharat Bhushan P. Gupta

An Analytical Case Study of the Enterprise Risk in Construction industry Dr. Vinita K. Pimple

Risk Management in Project Financing Dr. Kinnary Thakkar

Newsletter: Jharokha

Jharokha, a bi-annual Student's Newsletter @ St. Francis Institute of Management & Research (SFIMAR), keeping you in touch with developments and opportunities at one of the leading providers of quality business education & research. Jharokha gives an insight on student development initiatives and their achievements in various academic and co-curricular dimensions.

SFIMAR has always encouraged students in various co-curricular activities in order to enhance their leadership and Managerial skill-sets. Students of SFIMAR are scaling new heights in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Research.

Jharokha keeps you abreast of current exciting developments hosted at SFIMAR's Campus.