Extra Curricular Activities


Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is being offered to students of SFIMAR to learn how to better understand and appreciate the differences in individual. This Training specifically addresses concerns such as gender sensitivity, multicultural sensitivity, and sensitivity toward those who are disabled in some way. The goal in this type of training is more oriented toward growth on an individual level.


Boot Camp

Boot camp is also a process for transforming students to be independent, versatile & dynamic leaders. Series of management activities & games are organized for the students enriching their curriculum knowledge during their stay on campus.


Peer-To-Peer Teaching Style

SFIMAR encourages Peer-to-Peer Tutoring style that involvs students teaching other students, A peer tutor boosts the classroom learning by stating examples that relate to other peer students; Having a tutor who is on same age level as them also helps to bridge the learning gaps.



Festivals Celebrations organized at SFIMAR are attractive to students of varied tastes, age & culture. Themes and dress codes related to the festivals make event more entertaining. Games, quizzes and interesting prizes are all part of our celebrations. These are some greate ways in which SFIMAR promotes team building, group dynamics, cultural blending etc.


Stress Management & Physical Fitness

SFIMAR ensures that its students are fit enough to fight the challenges they face. Students are provided enough opportunities to bulid on their physical fitness and embark on the healtheir path. Aerobics, Yoga & Meditation are also dedicatedly followed in campus. Also Stress Managements sessions by the Brahmakumaris are conducted regularly at SFIMAR.


Institute Social Responsibilities(ISR)

St Francis Institute of Management and Research is involved in the contribution to the community through its ISR SMT-Abhimaan. Every year a number of activities are carried out by the Staff, Students of SFIMAR. The details of the same are appended below:

  1. Visit to Orpahnages
  2. Walkathon-Eye Donation Campaign
  3. Blood Donation Drives
  4. Afforestation Campaigns
  5. Ruarl Visits for rural empowerment & rural development
  6. AIDS Awareness Campaign
  7. Global Warming Awareness Drive etc



The MMS I students accompanied by the faculty coordinators went trekking to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It was a two hour climb through the forest. The students helped each other through the treacherous curves and edges. They practised the art of team work while on the trek.

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SFIMAR Onam Celebration

Onam 2014 was celebrated in SFIMAR on the 13th of September, 2014. It was organized by a group of students from MMS-1, comprising of not only Keralites but also a large number of non- Keralites.

The event started with the lighting of the lamp by Chairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony, Registrar Bro. Paul Pulikkal, Director Dr SS Mohanty, CSB Bank Manager Mr Jose Francis, Dr. G Ramesh, Dr. SP Das and Prof Sinimole KR followed by a short speech by the institute Registrar Bro. Paul and Director S. S. Mohanty.

The first act was a short skit where the students explained the meaning and history of Onam, followed by Kaikottikali, a traditional dance form of Kerala. There was also a mesmerizing group song sung by the student coordinators, which brought a loud applause from the audience. The song was followed by a fashion show which not only included the traditional attire of South-Indian states but also other states in India to depict Unity in Diversity. Renji Thomas, one of the student coordinators, concluded the event with a vote of thanks during which another student appeared on stage as King Mahabali and graced the event.

There was also a Tug of war competition between the students and Milk Payasam for everyone at the end. The students and teachers enjoyed the event which was only made possible with the unconditional support of Dr. G. Ramesh


Poster Making Competition

On 3rd November 2014, the DLLE group of SFIMAR organized a poster making competition on the following themes:

  • Child abuse
  • Senior citizen welfare
  • Status of women

The event was judged by Prof. Jackson John and Prof. Jestin Jhony.

Altogether 17 teams participated in the event. They were judged on three parameters Creativity, significance and the presentation.

Deciding on the winner was extremely difficult for the judges as there so many teams who participated. All the groups performed exceptionally well and were also very creative in their approach.

After a lot of deliberation the judges chose team 14 comprising of Veronica Frenandes, Shruti Chandrashekharan and Renata Fernandes. The wining team's theme was child abuse and was unique because of their creativity and the message sent across so beautifully.

The second place went to group 10 comprising of Khushboo Zala, Khushboo Patel and Sedona. Their theme was also on child abuse. The third place went to group 1 who also had the theme of child abuse. Their team comprised of Sharvani Pawar, Riddhi Sawal and Pooja Parikh.

It was a very vibrant and effective competition where sensitive issues of young children being abused and old people being neglected were highlighted. The event concluded with a small memento given to the winners along with theparticipation certificates

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Waste Newspaper Competition

The co-ordinators of Malay club organized a competition for the best utilization of waste newspapers on 04th September 2015. This event was conducted to inculcate a team spirit between each group taking part and to see how well the students work and organize tasks while working in a team with each other and come up with unique innovation and creative ideas within a time span of 1 hr. The time scheduled was from 3.30 to 4.30 pm. There were total 17 groups who took part in this competition. The criteria and the main challenges were, that the students were not allowed to use any readymade materials, the objects had to be made only using Newspapers, Glitters, Fevicol and Paints etc. The students had to get all the materials required by themselves. During the on-going event our chairman Bro .Alphonse had come to see the team work of all the participants.

The exhibition was conducted on the same day after competition. Prof. Sanchayita Banerjee, Dr. Smita Jesudasan and our Director Dr. S S Mohanty judged all the groups on certain parameters such as Creativity/Concept, Presentation, Usage of Newspaper and Utility.

The winners were declared the very same day of the competition. Out of 17 groups 2 robbed the attention with their creativity and other judgement parameters.

1st prize was won by students from PGDM (Swati, Pariddhi, Aditya, Roydon and Brahat).

2nd prize was won by MMS1 (Christabel, Aurella, Frenzia, Melissa and Pallavi).

Consolation Prize was won by MMS 2 (Khusbu.Z, Khusbu. P, Beryl, Dhanashree and Aparna).

Additionally, judges also came up with 2 surprize prizes, i.e Best Creativity won by MMS 1 (Rosetta, Raveena .L, Marilyn and Lydia) and Best Utility won by MMS 1(Kalpesh, Calvin, Bianca, Amanda and Candice) Mishtii Vora, Kritika Girdhani.

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The annual sports day

The annual sports day included events like football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and throw-ball. Students participated with great zeal and fervor. The event went on for the whole day. The winners were awarded with certificates and medals.

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SFIMAR Christmas celebration 2014

Christmas 2014 was celebrated at SFIMAR on the 23rd of December, 2014. This event was graced by the joint-presence of our Chairman Bro. Alphonse Nesamony, In-Charge of St. Francis Group of Institutions and event's Guest of Honour - Bro. MJ Abraham, and Director Dr. S. S. Mohanty. This event was organized for all SFIMAR teaching and non-teaching staff; officially inaugurated by the Chairman, with greetings from Director, and a warm Christmas message from the Guest of Honour. This was followed by the traditional Christmas cake-cutting ceremony, high-tea and plenty of mouth-watering snacks. All had a fun time for sure. What followed was a grand 'Christmas Ball' for the first and second year students. The formal part of the event was graced by our Chairman, Director, and our Guest of Honour for the evening - Bro. Vijay Kumar. Bro. Vijay Kumar gave a heart-warming Christmas message, which was followed by the Christmas cake-cutting ceremony. The 'special guests' for the evening were the St. Francis boys who played a wonderful band to the tunes of traditional Christmas carols...'Christmas Santa' distributed sweets and set the Christmas mood for the rest of the evening followed by more fun, with song and dance, games, and a hearty dinner. Christmas 2014 will be one to remember for years to come, by one and all that made the evening memorable indeed!

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