Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities form an integral part of a student’s life in SFIMAR. We believe in molding students and making them world class citizens who are a blend of sporting, dynamic and vibrant individuals. SFIMAR features a rich array of clubs with versatile activities and provide a unique opportunity for interaction among students, faculty, alumni and corporate. These clubs also disseminate information about future prospects, challenges and emerging trends in fields like IT, Finance, Adventure and Entrepreneurship; thus providing a unique avenue for students to kick-start their career.


PRERNA- Entrepreneurship Workshop

Objectives of thePRERNA club are:

  1. Conceptualization of  business ventures
  2. Creation of a data bank of entrepreneurship cases
  3. Interaction with entrepreneurs
  4. Execution of micro ventures by incubating them
  5. To provide information about various entrepreneurial ventures & opportunities available.


A workshop on entrepreneurship development activities was organized by Rozylone on 25th Feb. 2014
A workshop on Idea Generation & Starting New Business Ventureswas organized on 20th Sept. 2014 for MMS-1 and PGDM -1 students.
A Seminar in association with IIM-A & Nurture Talent Academy  on ‘ How to write  a Business Plan ‘ was held on 25th Oct 2014.

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Training Workshop

A two day training program on basics of English Language and Mathematics was organized on 24th July 2014 and 25 Jul 2014. The details of the program are appended below.

24 Jul 2014          - Training on English Language
The training program on English Language was divided into two parts, one in the forenoon and the second in the Afternoon. The Forenoon session dealt with the verbal aspectsof the language with an emphasis on etiquettes and ways to present oneself in a corporate atmosphere. This session was conducted by Mrs. ChetnaMehrotra. The second session was on the nonverbalaspects of the English Language which covered how to write official, Demi official letters and other relevant modes of business communication. This session was organized by Mrs. Futado. At the end of each session, a feedback on the effectiveness of the trainer was taken and analyzed. Each trainer was also requested to provide 10 Multiple Choice questions on the teachings with their answers in order to check the assimilation of the training among the participants.

This training program was coordinated by Prof Renita D’Souza.

25 Jul 2014          - Training on Mathematics
The training on Mathematics was also divided into two parts. The First in the forenoon and the second in the afternoon. The forenoon session was structured on the basics of Mathematics through the techniques of Vedic Mathematics. This session was conducted by Mrs. Rajeswari Sharma. The participants were excited about the simple methods of calculation and requested to have more of such sessions. The afternoon session dealt with the topic Business Statistics, which is a part of the subject in the semester I of MMS I. The session was conducted by one of our faculty member, Prof Pushkar Parulekar who was scheduled to take the subject for the trimester I for PGDM I . At the end of the sessions, the feedbacks were collected and as in the case of the previous day’s training, the trainers were requested to provide 10 Multiple Choice questions with answers.

This training program was coordinated by Prof Shilpa Peswani.

At the end of the Afternoon session, all the students were put through an online assimilation test on the trained subjects. The Participants were informed of their level of assimilation. The assimilation test was conducted by Prof Vasudha Rao with the support of Prof Kiran Rodrigues.
Overall the training program produced a good output and feedback. The objective of organizing the program was achieved.
The entire plan was conceptualized by Dr. G Ramesh under the able guidance of Chairman Bro Alphonse Nesamony.


Lifelong Learning & Extension

THE UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India, established in 1857, spread over four campuses with 3 post graduate centers, 60 Post Graduate Departments and 650 plus affiliated colleges. The Library with its Clock Tower and its Convocation Hall are architectural landmarks of the city of Mumbai recognized as world heritage buildings by UNESCO.

The Scheme of Lifelong Learning and Extension is monitored through separate Guidelines of UGC from its subsequent five year plans and funds allocations. In the XI five year plan period (2007-2012), as per the guidelines the existing Departments of all the 80 Universities in India, including eight universities in Maharashtra State is renamed as “Lifelong Learning & Extension”. Department is known as one of the best in the field of extension and e-Learning and its position is unique of its own among the Indian Universities. Now it has recognized as one of the Teaching Department as per the decision of the Management Council, University of Mumbai.

THE EXTENSION DIMENSTION (To reach to Unreached)
To facilitate the sensitization of the student to the socio-cultural realities, the Department offers extension work projects encompassing social issues. Each student is awarded Ten Additional Marks at the final exam and a certificate for the project completion of 120 hours of work and the submission of the project report. There are seven types of extension work projects offered by the department under the two different units-

  1. Vocational Career Oriented Projects
  2. Community Oriented Projects


The objectives of introducing these projects;

  • To provide career orientation and job orientation to the college students
  • To provide a forum and place for the exchange of ideas, innovations, research and students.
  • To bridge the knowledge gap between the College, University and the Community.
  • To enhance employability of the students.
  • To provide an opportunity to the students for development of marketable work skills.
  • To give an opportunity to the students to apply classroom knowledge for the benefit of the community (Lab to Land).
  • To make the students aware of social problems in the community and
  • To enable the students to find their socio-cultural roots.

Career Fair @ 2014

DLLE Activity Report


Chanakya in You

An interactive Leadership Development Talk by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai on "Chanakya in You"; from teachings of Chanakya (India's most influential kingmaker of 4th Century B.C.) was organized on Saturday, 11th October, 2014. The programme was based on a thoroughly researched book ‘Corporate Chanakya’ written by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Founder-Director of the Chanakya Institute of Public leadership (CIPL). Dr Pillai has reviewed 6,000 sutras of Chanakya classified into 15 books, 150 chapters and 180 topics. He has also derived the ‘seven pillars’ of business out of Chanakya’s writings in the ‘Arthashastra’ covering important aspects of management such as leadership, management, marketing, infrastructure, finance, teamwork and mentoring. The relevance of Chanakya’s insights in today’s corporate world has been narrated in an audio-visual format by top industry leaders, namely Mr.Narayana Murthy, Dr. SantruptMisra, Ms. Vinita Bali, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Mr. SubrotoBagchi and Mr. D. Sivanandhan.

The entire program was spread over  two days. Day one i.e 11 Oct 2014, the movie “Chanakya in You” was screened and on Day 2 i.e 12 Oct 2014 an innovative format of dividing the students into seven groups depicting the seven pillars was adopted. The groups were divided as per the specializations, such as the Finance pillar group was comprised of Finance specialization students, and so on. Each group was shown the movie pertaining to one pillar and a breakout session was also conducted which was moderated by two faculty members.

At the end of the Break out session, all the groups were gathered in the auditorium for the insightful talk by DrRadhakrishnan Pillai himself.  Dr Pillai’s talk enlightened the audience. He also responded to a Q&A round.

Overall the program was a unique experience for all the participants, a fact that is made obvious through the feedbacks that were received from all the participants including the Faculty members and staff.

Report prepared by Dr. G Ramesh


National Education Day

National Education day was celebrated on 11th November, 2014 to commemorate the 127th birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

After the peace prayer, a documentary on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was screened. The documentary was made by our SFIMAR students.

The students debated on "Management Education and its Role in Nation Building". The group supporting the motion felt that management education helps in building companies. These companies build the nation by paying taxes which in turn is used for the welfare of the nation. They also talked about corporate social responsibility. However the group against the motion felt that in a country like India, which has money, social and economic issues with majority of the population living in rural areas, management education might not be effective. They also argued that a developing country like India needs more of quality primary & secondary education, instead of management education. This group also gave many examples which included the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a great leader responsible for building the nation without having any formal management education. The supporting group responded by saying that management education cannot solve all the problems of the nation but it could help in a more structured approach.

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Excel Training 2014

On 11th and 12thOctober, 2014 the Part-Time students of St. Francis Institute of Management and Research, had the privilege of attending an Excel training course conducted by Mr. Shwetank Rewatkar. The course comprised of 3 hours of Basic concepts and 8 hours of Advanced topics related to Microsoft Excel.

We started off with the absolute basics. Once the participants were comfortable with the basics, we moved on to more advance formatting.

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Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

St Francis Institute of Management and Research celebrated the “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas” on 31 October, 2014 to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel and to spread the message of Unity, Safety and Security. Brother Alphonse Nesamony, Chairman – SFIMAR, Dr S.S. Mohanty, Director – SFIMAR, Faculty, Staff and Students were involved and took an active role in the programme.

The events organized on the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas were –

  1. Movie Screening of ‘SARDAR’ – the biographical epic film on Sardar Patel
  2. Screening of ‘Hear the Iron Man Himself’ – the Original Speeches of Sardar Patel
  3. Group Discussion on the Theme - ‘Role of Youth in Maintaining National Unity, Safety and Security’
  4. Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge

The Move Screening of ‘SARDAR’ portrayed the focal role of Sardar Patel in wresting India’s Independence and integrating the nation. His contribution to the making of Free India and solving the monumental problems during the Independence era is evident from the biographical epic film.

The Original Speeches of Sardar Patel inspired the audience to be determined, persevere and to take a good stand to face and solve the problems of India today and tomorrow. He commands respect for his sturdy deeds and works.

The Group Discussion on the Theme, ‘Role of Youth in Maintaining National Unity, Safety and Security’ highlighted the vital role of youth in promoting and adhering to the aspects of religious harmony, political collaboration, financial responsibility, social responsibility of the entrepreneurs and companies, intellectual security, military support, women empowerment, children safety, elimination of corruption, environmental safety, work safety and personal care.


Group Discussion Sessions

Regular group discussions on general current issues are conducted for the students of First Year in which they are evaluated on the parameters like leadership skills, subject knowledge, body language, communication techniques, etc. This enhances certain qualities in students, like listening skills, oral communication, learning from others and the like



In the last decade the business environment has faced a lot of challenges. New developments are emerging in the markets. In this scenario we need to adopt an appropriate perspective to develop our students and enhance their employability. Therefore, along with the development of students, the institute is constantly conducting FDPs to improve the pedagogical and research skills of the faculty members to help them to upgrade their teaching and training skills.


Certificate Trainings

SFIMAR emphasizes on Certificate trainings that complement the classroom learning. SFIMAR has tie-ups with Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) for BSE Certified Financial Market Associate(BCFMA) & with Retailers Association of India(RAI) for Certificate Program in Retailing(CPR). SFIMAR also provides SAP training to Students as per the changing needs of the corporate.



SFIMAR ensures extensive mentoring & coaching forr its students. Each student is allotted a Mentor for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the emotional support perceived by the student as relevent to work, career, or professional development. Extensive Mentoring allows the mentee to explore new ideas in confidence.


International Study Tours

SFIMAR encourages Industry-Institution interaction which helps students to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical dimensions of corporate functioning. In-line with the above objective, SFIMAR conceptualized International Study tours since July 2010 & visited countries like Thailand & Singapore till date.

Tour Highlights:-

  • Interactive Sessions at International Universities
  • Visit to Manufacturing Plants
  • Visiting Theme Parks & Nature Parks.
  • Exposure to Global Culture, Cuisines, Transportation, Business & Trading.


Motivational talk by Mr. Michael Brown

A talk on "Time Management & Student Centric Teaching / Learning" by Mr. Michael Brown was organized for faculty and staff members.

The talk mainly focused on time-management and work-life balance, while giving 100 percent to the institute. Mr. Brown (CPCA, CSA, CPC), working with Kascomb Motivational Coaching Services, is a well known, qualified and experienced motivational coach on matters relating to individual family and management development. The talk inspired the participants to get motivated and handle situations in a diligent way. Mr. Brown's address was followed by a grand lunch with the faculty and staff members.

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