Chairman’s Desk

Bro. Alphonse Nesamony

St. Francis Institute of Management & Research (SFIMAR) is set to flourish as a seat of learning of international standards, for developing an entrepreneurial class of value based industrial leaders empowered with techno-managerial competence to sustain innovation, for building global business of the future. We develop individual competence and perspectives of the students to perform meaningful business roles in the community, after identifying opportunities and assuming leadership for societal and national development in the global environment.

The Institute, its programmes and activities are designed to act as a nurturing and mentoring ground for developing work discipline, innovative abilities, leadership skills and ideal values. SFIMAR has completed thirteen years of outstanding performance as a Management Institute of high social and economic influence in a serene natural setting in the western commercial suburb of Mumbai. The Institute focuses on creating a learning environment which will enable each student to participate, teach, learn and develop the skills needed to full their career dreams.

The students are also exposed to the Franciscan values of compassion for the deprived and ethical values in business, as our overall goal is to assist each student to become a skilled practitioner who can ethically and successfully practice in the business world. We believe that practice without theory is futile and theory without practice is sterile and that the students learn best by 'doing'. This motto has led to the establishment of a strong industry-institute interaction through field work, mentoring by alumni, guest lectures, internships and a variety of projects in the curriculum. There are abundant opportunities to improve communication, interpersonal and team skills through a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and projects.

Our students are challenged to learn to make a difference by brainstorming about innovation, sustainability and value creation so that they can build up a special reach to the emerging markets. An entrepreneurial orientation is designed into the curriculum to make them prepared for service through enterprise as per the Franciscan credo. Transformational leadership abilities are also fostered through innovative teaching methods pursued by a dedicated team of faculty through processes of observing, listening, modeling, researching, implementing, active discussions and continuous improvement. Here the students see research as a basic competence and tool for effective decision-making and performance management. The major outcome of the educational pursuit in our Institute is the quality of our students who graduate after a systematic transformation brought about by an endowment of dedicated resources in line with the long term vision of our Institute.

We have adequate recognition from industry in this regard, which is reflected in 100 percent placement of the graduates continuously from inception. As per our quality policy we are committed to meet the stakeholders' expectations by continuous improvement in our services and academic programmes in line with our long term aspirations.

God bless.

- Chairman